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Emerging Technologies
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PixelTeh is a mobile/web development and programming company that uses new technology and innovation, as well as our expertise, to build a brighter future for our clients. From artificial intelligence and machine learning to virtual and augmented reality, we push the boundaries of digital transformation. Our team of talented programmers and developers stay abreast with technologies that are breaking out every day. To that end, we make sure the platforms we create are dependable and pioneering. Due to our years of experience in the industry, you can trust PixelTeh to achieve the results you want . . . and more!

Full Stack Web Development

Complete programming from design to deployment

Bring your ideas and aspirations to life with the expert full stack developers at PixelTeh. We’re not simply a team of backend and frontend programmers. We do it all! Our full stack developers handle every aspect of the project and any corresponding challenges, from design to deployment. In other words, we have specialized knowledge across all stages of development – languages, technologies, and platforms. You could say we see the forest AND the trees – the big and small aspects of every project. Most importantly, we stay engaged with our clients during all phases of the project. For state-of-the-art programming that truly performs, trust our full stack development company to exceed your goals.

  • Custom Web Application
  • eCommerce Platforms
  • Maps & Direction Websites
  • International Websites
  • Online Communities & Forums
  • International Websites
  • Auction & Gaming Websites

Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

Making financial transactions and trading more secure and accessible

What is blockchain? It’s a technology that allows digital information to be distributed by using an incorruptible digital ledger. Although somewhat hard to understand, it is a very secure way of creating tamper-proof databases that can be used for all types of transactions. Information within the blockchain is shared and continually reconciled. The blockchain database isn’t stored in any single location, meaning the records it keeps are truly public and easily verifiable. The developers at PixelTeh design and program blockchains and cryptocurrency applications for businesses around the world. We are a leading blockchain developer that produces impressive results for our clients and their intended users.

  • Real-Time Payments
  • Fraud Reduction
  • Smart Contracts
  • Access to Everyone
  • Proof of Ownership
  • Immediate Transactions

AI & Machine Learning

A smarter way to do business and simplify your life

orange ai brain

Machine learning and AI are the science and engineering of making machines or computer programs more “intelligent.” Both technologies are already being used in manufacturing, medical industries, and business. Facebook, Google, Apple, and other technological giants use AI extensively. From facial recognition to smart homes and much more, ML and AI are used to make our lives easier and improve our quality of life. PixelTeh is on the leading edge of this industry. We design, develop, and deploy a wide range of AI applications for our clients. Find out more by visiting our AI/ML page.

  • Video Gaming
  • Face Reogniton
  • Smart Homes
  • Car Automation
  • Smart Personal Assistants
  • Security Surveillance

Mobile Application Programming

Reach them wherever they are with a customized mobile app

orange mobile phone
  • Education
  • Air & Space
  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • Automotive

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