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We Develop iPhone Apps That Amaze!

Advanced solutions for business transformation

At PixelTeh, we know the perfect way to accelerate your business. Even though a big budget and creative ideas can get you far, you won’t really stand out in the digital world without a customized iPhone app. Let us accelerate, transform, and innovate your business. Since more than 60% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices, your business needs a custom iOS app that engages your target audience and drives profits.

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Compelling Reasons to Build an iPhone App

It’s in their hands, pockets, or purses. Wherever they go, people carry their iPhones. Are you going to let this opportunity slip from your hands? An iOS app is the perfect way to advertise your products and services, promote your business, and generate interest in your brand. More than a TV commercial or billboard, an app for iPhones creates an immersive experience. Whether it’s a game, an augmented reality app, an eCommerce app, or an application that provides a service for your end-users, you can’t afford to miss out on letting PixelTeh develop an iOS app that makes your customers say, “Wow!”

Build a Stronger Brand

Keep the Connections Open

Greater User Engagement

Faster Mobile Transactions

Industries That Benefit from iOS Apps

Has your business been disrupted by mobile apps? You’re not alone. The worldwide popularity of mobile phone usage flooded the market space less than a decade ago. Since then, it’s taken the world by storm. Now, nearly 1 billion people use iPhones to make purchases, check emails, send text messages, make calls, and play games. But they are being used for much more than that! Over the past 10 years, PixelTeh has provided custom iOS development services for a range of industries. According to Statista, between 2008 and 2017, the number of apps has grown from 800 to more than 2 million apps.

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Our iOS application development company designs, codes, and deploys apps that are used for marketing, entertainment, information purposes, and even medical.

  • Real Estate:Easily accessible property listings and effective lead generation.
  • Healthcare:Provides superior access to medical information and elevates the total quality of service.
  • Banking & Finance:Seamless account tracking, budgeting, and customization with top-notch security.
  • Hospitality & Food Service:A convenient way to make a reservation or order food on the go
  • Entertainment & Media:Download the latest music, videos, and news for immediate access.
  • Travel & Lodging:A custom app makes it easy to book a hotel, plan a vacation, or get a ride
  • Social Networking:The world moves by social media. The best way to connect is with a mobile iOS app.
  • Education:A perfect channel to engage, educate, and enlighten a wide range of users.
  • Retail & E-Commerce:Spreads product awareness and increases sales exponentially.

Custom iOS Apps – From Idea to Fulfillment

We're with you during every step of the app development lifecycle.

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UI/UX Design

What’s the personality, demographic, and behaviors of your end-users? We help you design an app that caters to their needs.

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Don’t build it without faking it first. It’s important to build an app mockup to see what works, what doesn’t, and what you want.

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You know where you want to be. Let us help you get there. Whether you have an idea or not, PixelTeh is a great place to start.

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Now, it’s time for the technical stuff. Our programmers get to work creating an app the works flawlessly according to your specifications.

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It’s not over even when it’s over! We provide ongoing support and maintenance for our clients – from frontend to backend.

*We Want to Hear from You.

Applying ML, VR & AR in iOS Apps

Creating Smarter & Scalable Apps Using Emerging Technologies

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Machine Learning

Build Intelligent APPs

By using programs like Core ML, we make your customized app smarter by adding just a few lines of code. Machine learning enables a more meaningful experience. Examples of ML include face and pattern recognition, text identification, barcode scanning, image labeling, and landmark recognition.

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Augmented & Virtual Reality

This is reality – only better!

You want an app that is much better than all the rest. Our coders use ARKit and other AR programs, which provide positional tracking and scene understanding to create immersive augmented reality apps. The result is something that goes well beyond the ordinary. It’s an app that comes alive!

iOS Apps Technology Stack

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