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Fuel Your Website & Mobile Apps with Full-Stack Development

Cross-functional solutions for the front-end and back-end

Save time, resources, and money by beginning your website or app project on the right foundation. PixelTeh is a full-stack development company that keeps the big picture in mind when managing your project. And yet . . . we also take care of the “behind-the-scene” details that the end-user will never see. We are experts at both front-end and back-end development. As a full-stack developer, we adhere to a holistic approach to development – from concept to design to coding to completion. We understand what the end-user needs as well as what your business demands. This means a website or app that looks good and functions the way it should. Our full-stack engineers are experienced in all of the latest technologies. The end result? Code that is scalable, clean, and flawless.

No Worries – We are Full-Stack Experts! :)

Web/mobile app development is a holistic process. We consider content strategy, information architecture, user-pathways, and much more to achieve your goals.

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Reasons to Use PixelTeh to Grow Your Business

Custom front-end, back-end, and complete web services

Complex deployment for hosting, dedicated, and Cloud servers

Application of a pre-built content management system (CMS) or a custom one

Full-scale web apps (fully accessible on mobile devices)

Integration of Cloud services, such as Amazon AWS and Apple iCloud

Incorporation of Google Maps, Facebook, LinkedIn, PayPal, etc.

Complete development from idea to deployment to ongoing maintenance

How to Build a Mobile or Web App

Websites & Mobile Apps That Look Great and Perform!

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App development considers how the end-user operates. It is personalized programming.

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It’s critical to build a web app that works well on mobile devices and other operating systems.

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Will the app work on a small database or large system? We make sure our apps are scalable.

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An app is not good if it doesn’t function well. PixelTeh tests it to ensure flawless operation.

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Using the most advanced security protocols, we make sure there are no data breaches.

The Best Way to Build a Customized App or Website

At Pixelteh, web development is a holistic process. Our websites don’t only look great, they also perform.
From the start, we consider your content strategy, information architecture, user-pathways and how to market your site to your audience.

Creating and building a successful mobile app, website, or coding project starts with a solid programming strategy. Do to our expertise and experience, we can design, develop, and deploy anything from small apps to large-scale websites. When you depend on PixelTeh, you work with a company that knows programming and understands your business goals. Using a wide range of coding options and platforms, we develop and deliver a professional product that perfectly fits your company’s image, needs, and objectives. With a detailed and customized web/mobile development strategy, we help your company achieve your business goals quickly. This allows you to expand into new markets, leverage resources, cut costs, and improve operational efficiency. From creating iPhone and Android apps to writing code for AI, VR, and ML, we truly are your go-to full-stack experts. We build modern applications of all shapes and sizes using the latest technologies.


Information Gathering


Planning for Success


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The Development Phase


Quality Assurance


Full Support & Maintenance

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Full-Stack Programming for Many Types of Industries

Diversified and exceptional development services to meet the needs of every client.

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Enterprize Software

Do you need programming for your small business, corporate site, or large organization? Not all companies have coders on site, yet most need customized apps or software for their business applications. Instead of hiring more staff, reach out to us for customized full-stack development.

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Hotel, Restaurant, & Catering

One of the most effective ways to reach your target audience is by developing a custom website or app for your service-oriented company. This is especially important if you are in the hospitality or food industry. A basic app or website just won’t do. Improve your profits and expand your business with our help.

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Marketing and Advertising

Gone are the days when a newspaper ad or a billboard would entice customers. Even now, many people ignore commercials on TV. Why not reach your target audience in a better way? PixelTeh develops customized apps that include advanced features, such as Augmented and Virtual Reality.

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This is where programming is absolutely exploding! As the world’s population expands, there is an ever- growing need for programming that helps healthcare specialists provide state-of-the-art services for their patients. We create AI, ML, and VR platforms that take medical care into the 21st century and beyond.

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Media & Publishing

Reach the world with your stories, programs, and published work. It’s not enough to expect your consumers to find you. Your industry is saturated with so many options and a multitude of competitors. Make it easy and appealing for your target market to discover you. Come to our team for solutions.

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Social Networks

Let’s get social! Do you want a new social app? Just because Facebook started it all doesn’t mean you can’t create something new. After all, look at Instagram and Snap Chat. They have made a name for themselves. PixelTeh can take your ideas and create a social app that draws the attention you want.

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