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Multi-Platform App Development for All Operating Systems

What type of phone do you use? Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Google Pixel, or another Smartphone? Now, think about your customers. Not all of them use the same type of phone. When you want to launch a new app, it’s vital to create one that is built using cross-platform programming (also known as hybrid or multi-platform development). The expert programmers at our cross-platform mobile app development company are well-versed in coding for iOS and all Smartphone operating systems. So, any app we create works just as well on one phone as it does on another.

Using an agile development methodology, we create these hybrid applications that will meet the needs of your users and business. These are premium-quality apps that are rich in features, always dependable, and use the latest technology to encourage user engagement. In addition, the same end-user experience can be seen on desktop platforms as it is on mobile devices. We achieve this by using advanced programming that is “readable” by all platforms. Some less-experienced coders may have training in a few languages. But we know them all. With more than 50 developers, project managers, and staff at our company, we know how to achieve your app development goals over multiple platforms.

What’s Better – Native or Hybrid Applications?

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. This is certainly the case with apps. First impressions mean everything. Usually, mobile app users are more forgiving at first. Studies show that nearly 80% of consumers will retry a mobile app if it fails once or possibly twice. However, only about 15% will give it two more attempts to see if it works. What’s the takeaway? Make sure your app works.

The best way to do it is to create a hybrid app that is compatible for all operating systems – both desktop and mobile. Unlike native apps, which are developed specifically for a particular operating system, hybrid apps (or multi-platform applications) are adaptable, based on the device you’re using. PixelTeh builds them using a combination of technologies, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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Developed for a specific platform, such as iOS, Android, or the web, native apps are built with the operating system’s own components and tools. An Android app&&& is coded in Java, and iPhone app is usually created in either Swift or Objective C.

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A hybrid app combines the elements of native and web applications. It is packaged within a native app shell. So, its performance is the same as a web app, but it can run on any mobile phone, taking advantage of hardware like camera, contact, GPS, and more.

Popular Cross-Platform App Development Frameworks

You’d never use antiquated tools to build a house or assemble a car. The result would be something that is poorly built. The same is true for mobile apps. Yesterday’s building blocks are inefficient when it comes to developing new applications for mobile or web. Today, PixelTeh uses the most advanced frameworks to ensure consistent value and high-performing cross-platform apps. We build beautiful hybrid apps that perform, impress, and even inspire. For a better experience and a great app, depend on our developers for custom app design, development, and deployment. We are proficient at customizing apps using any of the following popular frameworks:

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Strong, robust, and flexible. That’s what PhoneGap is all about. For basic apps that look great and function well, this framework is perfect. It offers excellent flexibility for coders. It’s compatible for all platforms. PhoneGap works on HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

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One source for all platforms, Android and iOS! Developing a hybrid app takes less time, resources, and effort with Ionic. The framework produces a unified look and feel. We use Ionic to build premium applications quickly and deploy standard tools with one code base.

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Xamarin makes your customized app look and feel native – even though it is a multi-platform builder. By using this framework, an app maintains its native user interface controls. So, it not only looks like it is part of the operating system, it behaves that way too.

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When it comes to UI and UX (User Interface and User Experience), Kony is a powerful one-stop shop for cross- platform application development. We are able to build a custom app for all platforms in an efficient manner. Backend integration is excellent as well.

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Speed, customization, and impressive data management. Sencha does it all. PixelTeh uses this framework to rapidly develop an app that works across multiple browsers simultaneously. Our team delivers beautiful applications to the market faster with Sencha.

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The biggest tech giants use React Native to develop the best hybrid apps in the industry. The framework sets itself apart because it produces apps fast while allowing for customization. With React Native, the new app performs like it is a native app.

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Fast, Fully Customized, and Fantastic Performance!

PixelTeh delivers cross-platform app technology like no other. Unless you want to lose half (or more than half) of your customers, you need to build a hybrid app. You’ll reach a broader audience and produce an app that is faster and packed with the most up-to-date features. There’s a good reason why clients have been coming to us for nearly 10 years. Experience the PixelTeh difference. We invite you to schedule a consultation if you need a multi-platform app for your business.


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