Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Development

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Blockchain Development for Greater Impact

A secure, self-governed way to buy, sell, and trade

Step into the future of banking, trading, buying, selling, and doing business. PixelTeh specializes in providing high-end solutions for cryptocurrency and blockchain development. Our developers have years of experience in designing, building, and deploying security applications. Due to our in-depth understanding of blockchain technology and our comprehensive knowledge of the newest innovations in the cryptocurrency world, we are able to deliver top-notch and custom tailored blockchain software development services.

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Advanced Blockchain Technology

This unique technology consists of a worldwide and expansive database that’s accessible, yet safe. It is based on a distributed, peer-to-peer system where data is stored on thousands of servers throughout the world. Anyone on the network can see everyone else's entries in real-time. So, it's virtually impossible for someone to gain control of or change the network. Data within a blockchain is shared and continually reconciled. Our blockchain developers help to eliminate huge amounts of record-keeping, which helps our clients save money and improve profits. Even now, blockchain technology is predominant in the finance and banking sectors. For instance, it’s used by the United States Federal Reserve, the NASDAQ, and Citigroup. The well-developed systems we create ensure faster transactions, transparency, reduced costs, and improved trust for users.



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Raise hundreds of thousands of dollars even millions in seconds with an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). This type of blockchain technology is a tool that revolutionizes currency – even the entire financial system.

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Why use a middleman? With a customized smart contract, you automate buyer-and-seller transactions securely. It makes your transactions traceable, transparent, and irreversible.



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dApps (Decentralized Applications) connect users and developers directly without the need for anyone to host and manage the data or code. It’s a more efficient way to do business.



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Open up a bank account – virtually! Through wallet development, PixelTeh makes it possible to exchange as well as store cryptocurrency securely. A faster, cheaper, and better method of banking.

The Technological Solutions We Incorporate:




Let Us Build a Blockchain Platform for You

The benefits of using blockchain for your business

In a world where fraud runs rampant, wouldn’t it be good to have a system that is virtually unalterable? Blockchain is an open-source technology that allows users or developers the opportunity to modify it as they see fit. However, every action is recorded. Altering logged data within a blockchain is incredibly difficult – more so than any other system. Because anyone on the network can see all the logged data, it makes blockchain an extremely secure technology. Change the way you do business by creating a cryptocurrency/blockchain program with PixelTeh.
ethereumReduced Transaction costs
Not too long ago, phone companies (both landline and mobile) charged for minutes used. Now, due to advances in technology, that is unheard of. It’s the same with blockchain. Third parties, such as banks, make money off fees and other charges. Why pay them when you don’t have to? Blockchain allows peer-to-peer and business-to-business transactions without the assistance of a third party. Since there's no middleman involved, there are reduced costs for users and businesses. Soon, transaction fees could be a thing of the past. Imagine how appealing that could be for your customers!
DappFaster transaction settlements
When it comes to traditional banks and credit unions, as well as stock exchanges, it's common for transactions to take days to settle. This has to do with the software that financial institutions use as well as the rules placed by various governing bodies. In addition, some financial institutions are located in different time zones, which delays processing times. Blockchain technology allows transactions 24 hours a day and 365 days a year – with no delay! Most importantly, it’s a more secure, accessible, and accurate method to bank and trade.
No central hub, yet highly secure. Another central reason blockchain is so appealing is its lack of a main control center. Instead of running a massive data center, such as Google’s (over 2,000,000 square feet of servers), blockchain allows individual transactions to have their own proof of validity and the authorization to enforce those constraints. Since a blockchain is assembled on different servers, it ensures that fraud or theft is extremely rare – if not nearly impossible. If a cybercriminal is able to access it, only a small amount of data, and not the entire network, would be compromised.

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The Difference Between Public vs Private Blockchains

Just as the name implies, a public blockchain is accessible by anyone. So, anyone from anywhere can use a public blockchain to input transactions and data as long as they are connected to the network. Public chains offer transaction data that can be verified in real-time by anybody. The more independent users or institutions that take part in verification, the more secure and decentralized the chain becomes.

Private blockchains (permissioned blockchains) work similarly to public, but they also include access controls to restrict people or entities that can join the network. Unlike public blockchains, they operate like a centralized database system of today that limits access to certain users. They have one or more entities controlling the network, which leads to a reliance on third-parties to transact. PixelTeh is able to build customized public or private blockchains that offer powerful solutions for buying, selling, trading, and doing business.

public blockchain

  • No central bank that controls transactions
  • To date, no cyber-attacker has ever hacked Bitcoin or Ethereum.
  • Immutable ledgers(completely accurate)
  • Encrypted data stored on thousands of devices

private blockchain

  • Run faster and is cheaper to use than public blockchains
  • Designed to comply fully with AML and HIPAA laws.
  • Governed by a few trusted nodes, protecting it from attack
  • Gives full control to the owners

Top Blockchain Platforms That We Use for Prototyping

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