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The PixelTeh Team

Impacting the world with state-of-the-art programming

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It all begins with a great idea . . . yours! But where do you go from there? At PixelTeh, we specialize in taking your vision and making it a reality. Whether you want a new website, a customized mobile app , cryptocurrency programming services, or a virtual reality game, our highly specialized back-end, full- stack, and front-end developers can achieve your goals to perfection!

Ongoing Training & Conferences

At PixelTeh, we actively strive to remain on the leading edge of innovations in the web/mobile, AI, AR, and VR industries. Throughout the year, we take our staff to various conferences and training events to help them learn new things, grow, and perform superior work for our clients. For instance, in 2017, we attended the React Amsterdam conference where our team participated in discussions about the latest technologies being used in our field.

Meet Our Software Developers

Where originality and expertise come together

We structure everything at PixelTeh in a way to guarantee the development process is effective, smooth, and robust. Due to our large team of website developers, we can work under extremely tight deadlines to accomplish your goals – no matter how grand they may be.


Since 2007, our company has helped clients throughout the world enjoy tremendous success with their businesses by providing programming for artificial intelligence, augmented/virtual reality, mobile/web development, cryptocurrency, and much more. Our leaders have taken PixelTeh from a two-man operation to a company with more than 50 in-house developers and staff. Located in Ukraine, our company provides programming and developer services for clients throughout the world, including the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan, and many others.

Alexey Dudich undefined
Alexey Dudich
Solution Architects

It takes a brilliant mind to come up with a smart solution. Fortunately, our solution architects have the experience, knowledge, and vision to understand the end goal and then make sure all the moving parts work together to reach it. We understand how the data looks on the back end and how it should appear on the front end, as well as the importance of UI and UX. Our project managers/solution architects have years of experience in the industry. They have managed full-scale projects for clients, such as, CNN, Harley Davidson, and other high-profile clients.

Alex Kolesnikov undefined
Alex Kolesnikov
Yevhen Shapovalov undefined
Yevhen Shapovalov
Denis Yakovenko undefined
Denis Yakovenko
AI/ML Engineers

One of the hottest fields in the programming field is artificial intelligence. It’s not simply a trend, but a growing field that is not going away anytime soon. In fact, AI and machine learning are taking over everything – from Facebook, Google, and Amazon to even small mobile apps. Our AI and ML engineers have the ability to make your machines and programs “smart” enough to imitate the human mind and behaviors. We create apps and programs that can be used to identify credit card fraud detection, enable self-driving cars, and provide face detection and recognition.

Aleksei Krutushkin undefined
Aleksei Krutushkin
Eugene Bilenko undefined
Eugene Bilenko
Victor Loktev undefined
Victor Loktev
Dmitry Sumin undefined
Dmitry Sumin
VR/AR Experts

It’s reality, only better! Few emerging technologies have interested consumers like virtual reality and augmented reality. App users love it, gamers adore it, and businesses are clambering to use it to attract more customers! Allow our AR and VR experts to help you get on board with these innovative technologies. We have built AR/VR apps for retail stores, gaming companies, and other clients who want a unique way to capture the attention of their potential patrons. Anything is possible with PixelTeh. All you need is an idea, and we’ll work with you to develop a plan that fully meets your needs.

Vladimir Vojko undefined
Vladimir Vojko
Sergey Blazhko undefined
Sergey Blazhko
QA Engineers

Quality assurance is of the utmost importance to us. Without quality, we have nothing. After the coding is completed, our quality assurance engineers test everything to find any problems with the software before launching the project. We identify and analyze any bugs found during testing. Then, we fix them. This process continues until we have a flawless product. But our QA engineers don’t simply show up at the end. Instead, they monitor every phase of the development process, making sure the software adheres to our strict standards and your specifications.

Alex Garmash undefined
Alex Garmash
Nick Yatsenko undefined
Nick Yatsenko
Michail Panfilov undefined
Michail Panfilov
Eugene Ivanchenko undefined
Eugene Ivanchenko
Mobile Application Programmers

Are you stuck on the web? Some companies are still operating using technology from the early 2000s or even last century. Even though they may have a fully optimized and feature-packed website, they need more than that to compete in today’s competitive, high-tech world. Take your business into the 21 st century with a mobile app! Our programmers expand your reach by creating mobile apps that generate interest, entertain, and inform your target market. And now, with artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality, your options are exciting and endless.

Max Ambroskin undefined
Max Ambroskin
Alexander Bakuta undefined
Alexander Bakuta
Ilya Merkotun undefined
Ilya Merkotun
Anastasia Kapinos undefined
Anastasia Kapinos
Igor Tovkach undefined
Igor Tovkach
Full Stack Developers

Unlike less experienced software development companies, we do it all. Back end, front end, QA, and more! We are full-stack developers that manage your project from conception to completion . . . .and beyond. In addition, our specialties are wide ranging. More than a decade ago, we started out as a web/mobile development company. But now, we have a team of programmers who specialize in every area – AI, VR, ML, web/mobile app, cryptocurrency, and anything else you can think of. Let us know what your project is, and we’ll make it a success.

Let’s Get to Work for You!

PixelTeh is a hardworking and supportive team that brings your project from a fledgling idea to a tremendous success.